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Welcome to OnlinePaisa.Biz - Refer & Earn - Affiliate Programme !! 

Dear Friends, 
Give your some valuable time on this. It will show you how to become a Millionaire in some days. Think twice before investing their money in any company or business. But if you are told that you will get good income in few days, will you believe it? But it is true.Are you ready to spend just Rs.350/- to earn good income in few days?

This system is 100% Successful. This is not a Scam or Fraud way of Making Money.

This system of making money is very simple than any other system in the Internet. You can see the result in few days.

I Explain you this simple business concept. 
Please follow the steps to implement this concept :

First you have to send Money Transfer : BHIM App / DigiBank for 50/- Rupees each of the 7 Members to the addresses mentioned below.

The first 2 addresses are of Admin, who will take care of website and other maintenance which includes your website Hosting and administrative cost. Rest of the 5 addresses are the member's address, who joined by investing Rs.350/-.

Once you send the 
Money Transfer : BHIM App / DigiBank to all the members,

We will set up a referral link for you 

In your referral link, we will place your address at 7th position. The 1st position address will be deleted and 2nd becomes 1st and 3rd becomes 2nd. Similarly 4th becomes 3rd and 5th becomes 4th, Finally your address will be placed on 5th.

In Rs.350/- you get money making e-book at your email

Now, what will happen when you joined and placed on 5th position?

Once you become a member, you will be provided your referral link on the internet. If someone visit your link and if he is interested like you, he will send Money Transfer : BHIM App / DigiBank to you and all the addresses mentioned on your link. At this stage your address will be moved to 4th position and a new member will be at 5th position. Now the 5th position member will do the same kind of promotion like you do and still you get Money Transfer : BHIM App / DigiBank as you are on 3rd position.

Simple Calculation "How you can be a Millionaire" 

(Read this calculation to understand)

If you just recommend only 10 members. (A very simple example) then you make Rs.500 with your name at 5th position on your referral link. Now, each of the 10 persons who just sent you Rs.50 each , refers the MINIMUM 10 persons, each with your name at 4th position, and that is another Rs.5,000 for you. Now those 10 each refers MINIMUM 10 persons with your name at 3rd position and It will bring Rs.50,000. Now, those 10 persons turn around MINIMUM 10 persons with your name at 2nd position and you will make an additional Rs.5,00,000. Now, each of those 10 persons refers 10 with your name at 1st position, then you just made you Rs.50,00,000. A Millionaire.That is YOU. And all this with only 10 response. Imagine in case you refer more than 10. There is no limit.

With investment of only Rs.350/-
You can too become a Millionaire. You can also see the earnings chart given below:-

Your Position
No. of Members 
(Refer  By You / Team)
Total Earning (INR)

What you think that this concept will Work? And can I be a Millionaire?
Please follow the Instructions to join this concept.

1. Write down all the 7 Wallet addresses given below.
2. Download BHIM App or DigiBank from Google Play Store.
3. Transfer 50/- Rupees to All Member. After Transfer
then Click on Join Now (Button) and fill the online form.

Once we confirm your payment details, Your referral link will activate to start the business. to start the business.What you have to do once you make payment to all the 7th members ?

We will create a referral link similar to the one you are on 
This link contains your address on 7th position.

Below are the 7 addresses (2 Administrators + 5 Members)
Where you need to send Money Transfer : BHIM App / DigiBank for 50/- Rupees each.

Sr. No
BHIM / Digi Bank (DBS)
(VPA : Wallet Address)
ADMIN / Company
ADMIN / Company

ll Member Wallet addresses who joined before you. ll

It is not possible to collapse this concept because everyone is trying to earn extra. Many people are looking for part time earning. This small little social plan makes it possible for everyone to join. We can make big income working socially.

This is a team work. Help each other.
Don't Miss this great Earning Opportunity.

Today is the right time to start. you may lose thousands of Rupees in a single day, if you join late. If you have any doubts, clarifications, feel free to contact by

Kindly Note : You cannot Join Without Sponsor

We are Now Launched : Mobile Browser 4G 
Search on Playstore : "mobile browser 4g - ers webtech"
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How To Join : Pesa Marketing Business (Watch Video)
Direct Joining Link :

After Watching the Video Click Here Touch With Us !!

How To Join : Pesa Marketing Business (Watch Video)
Direct Joining Link :
After Watching the Video Click Here Touch With Us !!


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